Karla joined the TAC family in January 2018, but she has been in the pet industry for 19 years and spent 11 of those as a veterinary receptionist. Over the years, Karla has worked in boarding kennels, in pet food & supply retail, at online pet pharmacies, and in veterinary practices. She spent the last 3 years working at a Veterinary Emergency Hospital.

From a young age, Karla has been passionate about animals and animal care. Until grade 10, Karla wanted to become a “veterinary dolphin trainer”, but she soon found out that she was more gifted outside the realm of science. More to the point, her gifts pushed her towards becoming a borderline crazy cat lady. Karla shares her home with her four cats: Karina, Poncho, Dante and Raydar.  When not working, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, ballroom dancing, ice skating, and attending several sporting events. Halloween season is a big event for Karla - she is known to carve over 20 pumpkins in one season, and for putting on a grand display of props and effects for the neighbourhood children.

Nutritional Counsellor Program Certificate