After Care (Euthanasia)

The Animal Clinic Aftercare Mission

Saying good-bye to a beloved pet is usually a time of great emotions. As we cherish the memories of our pets; making decision regarding a pet’s aftercare can be difficult and sometime overwhelming.

Here at The Animal Clinic we want our clients & staff to know that we are going beyond their expectations, when handling the aftercare of a beloved pet. Our pets/clients are our number one priority and we strive to satisfy them 100% of the time as they deserve no less.
Our goal is to unsure the duty of care to the pets entrusted to us by our bereaved families the process goes as smoothly as possible with no mistakes.



When that fateful day does arrive, how will you cope with the loss of your pet? Will you have discovered beforehand what options you have with respect to burial or cremation? Do you know the costs, and advantages associated with each option?

Many clients have found having these arrangements made prior to the appointment has helped to relieve some of their distress at the time and allow them to look back with no regrets or wishes that they’ve done something differently.

Here at The Animal Clinic we help pet owners prepare for and cope with the loss of their animal companion.


Questions to Consider When Pre-Planning for The Loss of Your Pet

  1. If your pet must be euthanized, would you prefer it to be performed at home, at your veterinary clinic.
  2. If you prefer a home euthanasia, does your veterinary clinic provide this service?
  3. What would you like to do with your pet’s remains (your pet’s after-care)?
  4. Would you like a funeral service for your pet (a service of some type does help provide closure)?
  5. How would you like to memorialize your pet?
  6. Where are all the of services offered and what are the costs involved with each?

We provide information regarding the services we can offer our clients.  Pet owners should contact their vet clinic to determine:

  • the nature of the services the clinic can provide;
  • the time delay between a euthanasia and the return of ash (if cremation is preferred);
  • What is actually meant by the terms “Private Cremation” and “Individual Cremation”?

For those pet owners desiring burial rather than cremation:  We suggest pet owners look into possible by-law restrictions should they desire a “home burial”;

  • burial costs in a pet cemetery may require an initial charge plus an annual maintenance fee;
  • we provide information regarding the locations and contact numbers for pet cemeteries Ontario.



Durham Region/York Region & East:

Thistledown Pet Memorial
Phone: (905) 852-5648
Address: 4766 Concession 7, RR4, Uxbridge, ON   L9P1R4


Peterborough Pet Loss Support Group

Phone: (705) 748-0487
Contact: Lily Gallagher
Address: 294 Aylmer St beside Montreal House
(meet 1st Tuesday of every month)


Mississauga & West:

Halton/Peel Pet Loss Support Group
Phone (leave a message for the pet loss support group):
905-842-2252 (Oakville); 905-272-4040 (Mississauga); 905-637-5233 (Burlington)

Beneficial Living and Wellness (Burlington)
Phone: (905) 467-0418
Address: 586 Argus Road, Suite 100, Oakville

Ontario Veterinary College Pet Loss Support Hotline
Phone: (519) 824-4120 (ext. 53694)
Please call Tuesday-Thursday (6:00pm - 9:00pm ET)


Toronto (Metropolitan Area):

Toronto Humane Society
Phone: (416) 392-2273
Address: 11 River St. Toronto, ON   M5A 4C2


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List of pet cemeteries in Ontario: