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October and November are Senior Cat Months!

50% off senior cat Exam & Labwork! How old is senior? A cat is considered senior at the age of 8! Proactive care such as routine labwork can help your cat live a longer, more comfortable life by helping us identify illness early! For the month of October and November, The Animal Clinic is offering…
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We Offer Day Care!

“The Animal Clinic” are proud to offer Doggie Daycare for dogs under 25 lbs. Our webcam allows you to look in on our supervised daycare room and see your four-legged friends at play. “
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Ticks are trouble!

[video width="1920" height="1080" mp4=""][/video]   Ticks are active at any point when the temperature is above 4 degrees Celcius. This year is predicted to be especially bad for ticks since there were multiple warm days this winter when ticks could be active. Ticks “quest” on the edge of grasses/leaves with their front legs out waiting…
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