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Are My Cat’s Teeth Disappearing?

Are My Cat's Teeth Disappearing? Tooth resorption (also referred to as “FORLs”- feline odontoclastic resorptive lesions) is a mysterious, yet common disease seen in cats (and less commonly, in dogs). The process of resorption is similar to what occurs with baby teeth- specific cells eat away at the root of the tooth to allow it…
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Obesity in Cats and Dogs

Obesity in dogs and cats What is obesity? Obesity is defined as an excess of fat tissue in the body and is the number 1 nutritional disorder in animals. One of the most common ways to assess obesity in animals is by using a body condition score (BCS). Animals who carry excess fat tissue in…
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TICKS – Why should I care?

TICKS - Why should I care?   What are ticks? A tick is member of the arachnid (spider) family. It is a small external parasite that lives by feeding on the blood of its hosts (such as dogs and many other mammals, as well as birds) There are many different families of ticks, each of…
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